About OraSentry

OraSentry is a small utility which automates the monitoring of remote Oracle databases' Alert log files. It can continuously and simultaneously check alert log files of hundreds of databases for errors or critical conditions. Errors found are then reported on a central console. In addition, OraSentry provides several remote management capabilities: alert log central real time visualization (similar to Unix "tail -f"), alert log file "rotation" and local transfer...


OraSentry is a client tool that does not require any agent or installation on database servers. It can monitor Oracle instances of any version ranging from 9.0.1 up to 12c. It runs on any operating system having a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or higher.


OraSentry is distributed as a "Charityware" (more information on Charityware.info). If after an evaluation period, you wish to continue using it, please make a donation to UNICEF and send a copy of the receipt to raphael@orasentry.com. You'll receive a licensed copy of the software and every new release of OraSentry.

For any remark, enhancement request or bug notification, please send an e-mail to raphael@orasentry.com.
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